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2019/04/05 version

International Youth Conference on Ocean Plastic Pollution & Microplastics

1. Purpose :This conference is organized by high school teachers and students from America, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, China and more countries around the Pacific Ocean. The conference consists of a youth conference, a “presentation” section and a “keynote lecture and workshop” section. The goal of the youth conference is to develop understanding of science and technology and boost a sense of responsibility, a sense of morality, collaborative communication and internationality. To achieve the goal, this conference plays a specific role to bring up citizens who contribute to tackle the issue and a beneficial effect for the environment.

2. Organizer : Wakasa High School

4. Date : 2019 July 19-21 

7. Participants fee :50,000 JP yen per person charge of the chartered bus from Oosaka station on July19th-21th

 charge of Lodging tent Hatigamine kazokuryokoumura on July19th

 charge of Lodging Hotel Uminpia  on July20th

 charge of meal dinner on July19th, breakfast/lunch/dinner on July 20th, breakfast/lunch on July 21th

8. Schedules : The schedule is here. 

5. Venue : Fukui Prefecutural Wakasa High School 

6. Participants : high school students, college students. and young educators who engage marine education

9. This Conference will be held as limited numbers because of preparation of accommodation. Application of this conference including accommodation and transportation will be closed 

20th March . Please contact travel agent: 

shimamoto_eri@freeplus.co.jp     FREEPLUS Inc.

         Japan Inbound Tourism Land Operating Division

         Land Operation Section

         Eri Shimamoto   

3. Co-organizer : Kyoto University, Asia Marine Educators Association (AMEA), Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology(TUMSAT), International Pacific Marine Educators Network (IPMEN) , Japan Aquatic Marine Environmental Education Association (JAMEEA), Taiwan Marine Education Center at NTOU